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Select one of the questions below to find out answers to commonly asked questions.


Are you hiring?
YES!  You can visit our career page to see any open positions.  Here are a couple tips.  
  • Read the Job Requirements!  In some cases, we're looking for prior experience in our industry.  If we are, and you don't have any, we're going to ignore your application.  Nothing personal, just too many applicants.
  • Be passionate about the position.  
  • We're still a small company.  That means there's no place to hide.  Every person in the company is responsible and expected to grow with the company.  That means wearing different hats and accepting rapid changes.  So make sure that fits your personality type.
Are you looking for new vendors?
Typically, we add vendors when customers indicate a preferred supplier to use.  For example, if Customer X says they want to use sugar from Vendor Y, that's not a problem, we will add a new vendor.   Like our strategic partnerships, we have long term vendor partners as well, so many services like benefits and communication technologies we are not looking to change at this time. For most overhead items, you can review our vendor qualification policies and work with our purchasing department.  
How do become a customer?
You should contact a sales coordinator to see if we can add value to your organization.  Our typical strategic partners are high growth middle market or large-cap companies.  
What are your minimum order quantities?
Our standard answer is 5,000 units, but this depends on the type and size of products.  For our strategic partners, we bend this rule to meet their needs.  
How much does it cost to make a product?
There's no good way to answer this question. Our CEO like to answer this by saying, "Between $0.01 and $1,000,000,000 per unit."  It depends on product type, ingredients, and of course, volume.  
Do you have stock formulas?
Maybe.  Most of our formulas are proprietary and exclusive for one customer.  We have many formulas that we've developed in the past that are "ready to go", but have for whatever reason, not been manufactured and sold to the public.  if this is what you mean by stock formulas, then yes.  We do not have formulas that we mass produce for multiple customers.  
Do you make private label products?
Yes, we are incredibly efficient at high volume runs. 


Who makes decisions for temporary workers?
As a general rule, we do not hire many temporary employees.  We like to have long term teammates.  When we do hire temporary workers, we utilize companies that have been our long term partners.   


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