Formulation and Development of Skincare and Cosmetic products is an art. We all have the same ingredients and colors, it's how you put them together that creates something amazing.
Jin Song - CEO, Founder and Formulator

Our company is centered on research and innovation. Our focus is on developing new products for our customers that drive incremental sales or improve existing products. These innovations are driven through new ingredients, multi-function application, and patented formulations. The innovation process can start with a simple idea or improvement on an existing product.

Research and Innovation


The team is at the heart of our development expertise. Our formulators have experience formulating product for renowned beauty care companies across the globe. Their knowledge allows them to bring incredible insight and turnaround time to the entire innovation process. That innovation process has yielded multiple "product of the year" awards across multiple categories.

Our Promise

Developing products is a process.  Each partner, each consumer, and each person looks for different attributes and results from their products. Our job is to align those desires and create something amazing. That's why every product that we develop gets approved by our owner/CEO before it ever leaves our door. It helps us to ensure we are proud of our work and stand behind every product we create.

Development Process

Our development process differs from project to project. Sometimes we start with just a simple idea. "Wouldn't it be great if a product could do....." Our team builds around that idea and creates iterations that reach that goal (if it's possible, of course). Or perhaps there's already a great product already out in the market that just doesn't moisturize enough. Not a problem either, we will improve an existing product to meet the changing preferences of consumers. Whatever the process, we provide the flexibility to meet the goals.

Manufacturing and Development Capabilities

Listed below are just a few of our capabilities.  Please ask your sales coordinator about a more comprehensive list. 

  • Wet Products including Body Wash, Shampoo, Lotions, Emulsions
  • Liquid Products including Toners, Hair Shine Mist
  • Dry Product including Loose Powders, Pressed Powders
  • Hot Pour Products like Lip balms, Cream Eye Shadows and Cream-to-Powder Foundations
  • Topical OTC Products including Sunscreens, Diaper Rash, Eczema Relief, Skin Protectants and Analgesics 
  • Alcohol-Based Products including Cologne, Body Mists, Fine Fragrances
  • Color Cosmetics including but not limited to Eye Shadow, Primer, Blush, Lipstick
  • Patented Anti-Aging, Acne, and Baby Care Products

Product Innovations

We hold the confidentiality of development work for our partners in the highest regard. Any products you see on our website have been approved by our customers to help showcase some of our innovation capability.  Only a fraction of these product innovations are available to view.  For a more comprehensive understand of our product portfolio, please contact your sales representative.


  • Recent Innovation

    Innovation is at the core of BMSC. Our Formulators not only improve existing products, they bring simple ideas to life

    view all of our projects →
  • CC Cream

    It's BB Cream on Steriods. Providing better coverage with more protection

  • Sugar Scrub

    Developing the best sugar scrub is an art. A formula that doesn't seperate and leaves skin smooth

  • Pressed Powder with SPF

    Multifunction products are in. Ask us about how to refresh old items


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