Full and Semi Automatic ProductionHigh Speed Rotary FillingMultiple, New Filling LinesCompounding Skincare, Cosmetics and moreHot Pour CosmeticsAlcohol Products - Processing, Filling, CartoningLocal DistributionInventory Verification
Full and Semi Automatic ProductionHigh Speed Rotary FillingMultiple, New Filling LinesCompounding Skincare, Cosmetics and moreHot Pour CosmeticsAlcohol Products - Processing, Filling, CartoningLocal DistributionInventory Verification

You can only know that you have a good partner when something goes wrong. A good partner stands behind their product, we stand behind our products.
Jin Song - CEO, Founder and Chemical Engineer

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities focus on supporting our strategic partners. Some of our partners often have internal manufacturing and development capabilities.  For these partners we focus on manufacturing that requires a high degree of specialization and investment such as OTC products and alcohol filling, augmenting their existing capabilities. Many of our partners require a turnkey production where we take the project from concept to formulation, to scale-up to manufacturing a finished product. Our facility offers this ability all under one roof. Our development team collaborates with customer concepts to formulate. This product is then scaled up and manufactured. Our supply chain team manages the entire raw material purchasing process and our quality team ensure its success. These capabilities span across multiple product segments.

Color Cosmetics

Color cosmetics are one of the most difficult items to produce in a clean environment, especially when manufacturing alongside other products. Our powder processing is segregated from the rest of manufacturing to ensure zero cross-contamination.  Ribbon and Henschel type mixers are capable of producing a large range of batches (50 to 800 kg) or even continuous blending.  We couple this with our state-of-the-art powder press which is fully automated from powder to case packing, reducing labor and increasing quality.  We also product products such as mascara and hot pour foundations. Many of these products require semi-automated hand-poured filling followed by a chill tunnel and automated clamshell assembly. These capabilities are streamlined for a clean manufacturing process.

OTC and Regulatory

One of the more difficult products to produce isn't due to the manufacturing process, but rather the regulatory environment both in the USA and overseas. We produce a significant number of topical OTC products and navigate the constantly changing FDA regulations. Whether its straight forward OTC products like diaper rash cream or the ever changing specifications for sunscreens, we ensure our product meet the requirements. To improve lead time, we have vertically integrated a significantly number of testing capabilities in addition to third party lab validation. Our onsite testing capabilities minimize queuing time and reduce total costs.

High Speed Filling

Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of high volume products is the largest component of our business. Our plant has several high capacity jacketed processing tanks up to 6000 gallons and an on-site tank farm to house high volume raw materials. Our compounding capability is supported by several new high speed rotary fillers, each able to produce over fifty thousand units in a single shift and support filling of emulsion products such as creams, lotions, and gels. Several piston fillers support the high speed filling of high viscosity products such as body butters and sugar scrubs. These lines also integrate heating and chilling for manufacturing of specialized products.

Alcohol and Fragrance Filling

Our facility is built to hold, process, and fill alcohol-based products. That means fully explosion-proof mixing areas with high volume air displacement, inline vacuum fillers, and sealed motors. Safety is a top priority as an organization, which helps us to reduce risk and costs. Outsourcing alcohol filling to our plant helps our customers reduce their overhead by leveraging our investment in infrastructure. Our high capacity compounding and filling is capable of filling fine fragrances both metal actuators or push on with automated cartoning and cello-wrap. These capabilities extend into unique alcohol based products like brush cleaners, body mists, and toners.

Cell Line Concept

The hardest projects to realize returns are custom, low volume projects. Seasonal products, promotional items, and displays are just a few examples of projects that are difficult to manufacture internally. For low volume products, we have specialized, internally-designed "cell" lines that integrate low-speed automation of sorting, filling, labeling and cartoning that produce around 6,000 units per shift with just two workers. These lines are incredibly efficient for emergency capacity requirements or consistently low volume products.

Manufacturing Overview

Our manufacturing environment is flexible enough to support a wide range of manufacturing capabilities.  We operate a clean, organized facility, and subject every product to the highest quality control and documentation standards.   We are also continually investing in new technologies.  Our manufacturing capabilities span across a number of categories and product types. 

  • Topical OTC
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Hair Care
  • Sun care
  • Fragrances
  • Anti-Aging

To see a list of product types we have manufactured, click here.


Our compounding process begins with the formula and the inspection of the specified raw materials to compound bulk product.  Equipment is specified in the process procedure and each step to create the batch is followed.  Our computerized batch weigh system ensures that the correct ingredients are used and verified for every batch.  Once the raw materials are processed in one of over 30 vessels, the finished bulk is tested in our on-site lab to ensure it meets specifications.  

Fill and Pack

Our production lines then fill and assemble the finished goods into jars, tubes, bottles, tottles, powder boxes, unit cartons, shrink wrap, and gift packs.  We utilize a combination of automated, semi-automated, and manual processes depending on the end product.  With over 20 filling lines, our facility can produce 180 million units per year across extensive range of bath, spa, personal care, hair care, OTC, and cosmetics products. 

Warehousing and Logistics

We understand that getting your products to market on time is crucial to your business.  We are flexible with JIT inventory support and can build safety stock for product requiring fast replenishment.  Our 7 shipping and receiving bays are centrally located in Texas, reducing transport time and freight costs.


Creating and managing a stable manufacturing environment for consistency and quality of every product is our top priority. We follow Federal and State protocols, in addition to strict compliance with cGMP guidelines.  Our control processes and SOP’s are documented for both our OTC and non-OTC products. 

Our Quality Team inspects raw materials and packaging on arrival before release to production.   Physical testing of each product batch is done to ensure a quality match before the bulk is approved to fill into packages or shipped as bulk product. Our in-house analytical and microbiological testing labs enable streamlined testing without slowing production. 


We are committed to being on the cutting edge of process and filling technology.  By 2014, 95% of our equipment will be phased in with brand new equipment.  This includes all process vessels and filling equipment.  To see a comprehensive list of equipment, please click here.


We go green for green. That is to say, we invest in green technologies and processes that reduce overhead and drive down costs. Over the past year, we have decreased our manufacturing waste over 75% while increasing production yield. Our recycling programs minimize our trash disposal costs while zero-waste processes have improved our overall yield. Sustainability isn't just about what we're doing today; it's about what we're investing in for the future. Our new warehouse will utilize geo-thermal cooling to maintain consistent temperatures year round. Natural Gas Co-Generation will be utilized to generate electricity and create heat for processing. You can read more about our green initiatives and new plant in 2014.


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